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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

LearnXScape considers the privacy of its visitors and users to be of utmost importance. We respect and are committed to protect your privacy. This Privacy Policy lets you know how your personal information is processed and used at LearnXScape. We take extraordinary steps to use your personal information only in ways that are compatible with this Privacy Policy.

Types of User Information Collected & Managed

The user information managed by LearnXScape generally falls into three categories: Aggregate Information, Individual Information and Personally Identifiable Information.

Aggregate Information is information about a group which cannot be linked to the identity of any particular user. For instance, if a survey on the LearnXScape website revealed that 40% of secondary-school respondents read the newspapers at least 3 times a week, that information would be considered Aggregate Information.

Individual Information is information about a particular user which cannot be traced back to that user’s identity, unless the person who wishes to trace it also possesses Personally Identifiable Information about that user. For instance, if a guest on the LearnXScape site were to complete and submit an anonymous survey about his newspaper-reading habits, the information from that survey would be considered Individual Information.

Personally Identifiable Information is information about a particular user which is directly traceable to that user’s real-life identity. This may include the user’s real name, physical or e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. For the purposes of the LearnXScape site as it pertains to educational institutions, information on a user’s age or year of birth, school or town of residence will be considered Individual Information, whereas information on a user’s date of birth, class or specific home address will be considered Personally Identifiable Information. Personally Identifiable Information will only be stored in secure databases under the direct control of LearnXScape. LearnXScape will never disclose a user’s Personally Identifiable Information to any third party, unless the user has already given his/her consent to such disclosure. However, if a user makes one or more pieces of his/her Personally Identifiable Information publicly viewable or available (for instance, if a user uses his/her real name as a handle), LearnXScape is under no obligation to maintain the privacy of those pieces of information.

Policy Pertaining To Site Guests

For the purposes of this policy, Site Guests are visitors who do not have an account with LearnXScape LearnXScape will never collect Personally Identifiable Information from site guests, except in the process of creating a Registered User account for such a guest. LearnXScape may collect Individual Information from site guests. This information may be collected by direct user action (e.g. through an optional survey) or without user action (e.g. remembering which pages on the LearnXscape.com site have been visited by the guest). By using the LearnXScape site, site guests implicitly agree to allow LearnXScape to collect Individual Information or Aggregate Information about their usage, and to distribute such information within the limits defined by this policy.

Policy Pertaining To Registered Users

For the purposes of this policy, Registered Users are users who have an account with LearnXScape. LearnXScape will collect Personally Identifiable Information and Individual Information from Registered Users in the process of registering them, and may also do so afterwards. By registering with the LearnXScape site, Registered Users agree to allow LearnXScape to collect Personally Identifiable Information, Individual Information or Aggregate Information about their usage of the site and any products or services on the site, and to distribute such information within the limits defined by this policy.


Like many other websites, LearnXScape uses cookies (small data files) to store information on users’ machines. For instance, when you log in to LearnXScape, your username, IP address and login time are stored as a cookie on your hard drive. This makes it more convenient for you to browse LearnXScape sites, since it allows you to view different pages on LearnXScape without having to log in again every time. Cookies are a core component of the LearnXScape system, so you must enable the use of cookies on your Web browser in order to use LearnXScape. If you are extremely concerned about security or privacy, all major Web browsers have a function which allows you to delete all existing cookies from your computer.


This privacy statement does not apply to links to other sites outside of LearnXScape. We are not responsible for privacy policies of other websites linked to LearnXScape. Please read the privacy statement of each website linked to LearnXScape for information and data use for visitor’s personal identification. Our privacy statement applies solely to LearnXScape.

Affiliated Products

Please note that certain third-party organizations may collect user information directly through their products, services or websites. If these products, services or websites are published on the LearnXScape site, or linked to the LearnXScape site, they will be considered “Affiliated Products”.

If user information from Affiliated Products is delivered to LearnXScape by the third-party organization, LearnXScape will follow the terms of this Privacy Policy in managing the information. Similarly, any delivery of user information from LearnXscape.com to third-party organizations will follow the terms of this policy.

However, other than in the above cases, this privacy policy does not cover user information gathered by any third-party organization through their own Affiliated Products. These third-party organizations may have their own separate privacy policies which govern their use of user information; please refer to them for more information.
At any particular time, LearnXScape will conduct contests for our visitors and users. Participation for these contests is voluntary, and in no way requires the visitor or user to give out personal information when choosing not to enter in the contest. Collected information may include contact information and demographic information, such as name, e-mail, address, mobile number, etc. This information will be used to notify the winners and award prizes.

Forums, Friend Lists & Social Networking Features

LearnXScape may create forums or other social networking features for your use. Please note that online forums are public spaces. Any information you post on such forums is considered public. In addition, although information which you disclose to online friends is not public, those online friends may not be people you know personally. Please exercise caution when revealing information, especially personal information, online.

Distribution of User Information to Third Parties

LearnXScape will not disclose a user’s Personally Identifiable Information to any third party, unless the user has already given his/her consent to such disclosure.
LearnXScape reserves the right to distribute Online Identity Information, Individual Information and Aggregate Information to third parties for any reason. When distributing Individual Information to third parties, LearnXScape will not link the Individual Information to the user’s Online Identity Information or Personally Identifiable Information unless the user has given his/her consent to such a link.

Distribution of Information to the Public
The following Online Identity Information will always be publicly visible:
- users’ avatar images
- users’ handles (public names)
- users’ relationships with other users (friend lists)
By default, no Personally Identifiable Information or Individual Information is publicly viewable or linked to the user’s Online Identity Information. However, users may choose to make specific pieces of their Personally Identifiable Information or Individual Information publicly viewable. If a user chooses to make one or more pieces of such Information publicly viewable, this will constitute consent for such information to be publicly distributed and linked to the user’s Online Identity Information, and thus LearnXScape will be under no obligation to maintain the privacy of those pieces of information.

Disclosure of Your Information

The application of this Privacy Policy remains subject to applicable laws including legislation, regulations and the orders of any courts or other lawful authorities, other lawful requests or legal processes. There may be cases where LearnXScape is legally required to disclose user information or other confidential information – for example, if required to by a court order. Such information will be disclosed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Policy Changes or Revisions

As our website continues to evolve, this Privacy Policy may be enhanced or amended. If and when our Privacy Policy changes or is revised, we may e-mail periodic reminders of our changes, but you should check our web site frequently to see recent changes and the latest up to date version. Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you and your account. Should a member decide that our policy does not benefit them, they may choose to use the opt-out option at any time.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, or LearnXScape’s privacy practices, please contact us via e-mail at contact@LearnXScape.com.