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Repair for the future

Contributed by / September 21, 2016

Sweden is planning to give tax break for repairs next year, if the proposal is approved by their parliament. This is a good way to go and hopefully many other countries can learn from it and launch their own effort towards reducing waste and consumption. Follow the link below to read more about it.


Promoting increasing consumption and developing products with shorter life cycle seem to be the main driving force of the major economies in the world since the industrial revolution and the rise of mass production. Could we see a change in that paradigm and mindset toward promoting responsible and reducing consumption? Could we re-imagine the designing and developing of products, for instance products that are designed for repair? Dan Lockton seems to think so in the article below on how such an approach could potentially empower the consumer (and to transform and liberate, I would reckon).


The passage below from the article says it pretty well.

“If more of us understand how the systems of everyday life work — from technology to government — we will be empowered to change them, with confidence gained from tackling our own problems. This is where the wider sustainability impact could come: not just through making products that last longer, but through building our understanding and confidence to change the world for the better.”

Glad to see that in Singapore, there is a ground up initiative called the Repair Kopitiam run by a group of mainly volunteers trying to make an effort towards influencing more people in the country that is small in size but high in consumption and waste generation.

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